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What is the Public Notices Website?


What is TPN?

TPN is a free-access website designed to reach an expanded audience of citizens who want to know more about the actions of the more than 7,000 units of local, county and state government in Tennessee and, also, about our local and state court systems.


Why Public Notices?

Public notices are a critical part of proven legal process where notification of actions or pending actions by units of local government, or the courts, are provided to citizens and taxpayers. They are required to be published in local newspapers, which serve as an independent third-party in this legal process.


Every state in our nation, including Tennessee, has laws that regulate the manner in which public notices are published. These laws are designed to ensure that people within a community receive important information about the actions of their government. Local newspapers remain the preferred venue to distribute public notices. This website is funded and maintained by Illinois newspapers, the trusted source for all community news and information. For more information about public notices, please


121 East Main Street, Linden, TN 37096

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